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“Functional Cure” for cancer ?

“Cure” may be a hush word in the oncology vocabulary, doctors never say it and sometimes avoid the issue by proclaiming cancer a “chronic disease”.  It reminds me of how “cure” was not in the AIDS doctor’s vocabulary only a few years back and how it was considered overly optimistic to utter, but lately it has been all over the media, on CBS in the summer, as “New Hope for Cure” on the New York Times in Nov, and as a headline article on Dec 1st’s FT Health: ‘Functional cure’  is global target.   Indeed, ‘cure’ is now on the agenda of every scientific meeting on HIV, and the latest focus for AIDS researchers is on finding ways for patients to stop taking drugs and live normally without dependent on medications.  How inspiring!

Of course, by now we all know that ‘cocktail treatment’ is made famous by David Ho’s revolutionary strategy for approaching HIV, and thereafter it became the guiding principle in AIDS therapy. Hopefully cocktail therapy will soon lead to functional cures for cancer as well!

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